Cruise ship – balance of rest and activities

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While I admit at this stage of my life I like a good lounger in a quiet area of the ship facing the water and having a ‘zen moment’. There are many active options to keep the blood flowing and keep those old joints from stiffening up while on board to give balance to a cruising vacation.

There is a gym on board where you can ride fancy stationary bikes, gallop on treadmills and weight sets to lunge with among other pieces of machinery I may not recognize. You can sign up for a yoga class or Pilates or a Spinning class. You can even meet with a personal trainer. There are some free classes while some classes and services have a fee. Some ships have equipment outside like you see at a park so you can strengthen that inner core while sucking in that fresh sea air.

Walking the outdoor Promenade deck or jogging around the designated jogging area on the Sports deck lets you go at your own speed. Some ships have the Flow Rider pool so you can practice surfing and work on strengthening those thighs while you try to stay upright, others have an Endless Pool where you are swimming against the current. Climbing the stairs to the top of the waterslide could be a decent workout. There is also a basketball court, ping pong tables, mini golf or a putting range on most cruiseline ships.

Of course once you are in a port of call, the options are endless of how active you want to be. There are many walking tours available nearly everywhere you go. Mapping out the local bakeries so you can walk from one to the other is good motivation or taking a walk on the beach. Like life, cruising is what you make it. If you go in with an open mind and, well…. mind your own business and not fuss about those few who put a towel on a chair near the pool at the crack of dawn and don’t return until noon, you should have a great time. There are so many opportunities in life to focus on the negative and assume those that don’t do things the way you do are there only to aggravate you, a vacation can be a time when you look at things with rose colored glasses and enjoy the moment.

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