Cruising has a few stereotypes, one is that it’s all food 24/7 and long lines at the buffet. Well…. food is available 24 hours but it’s not like on Vegas Vacation, “I’ll have some of the yellah”, there are so many healthy choices. No matter what your food preferences are, whether it’s for medical reasons or personal choice, there is something for everyone. It’s easy to find low carb meals throughout the day and night. The dining room menu is always posted early so you can decide to eat in there that evening, maybe Italian night sounds perfect for dinner. There are also specialty restaurants, like a steak house which, while there is an extra charge, the food is very good.

On our most recent Princess cruise, we were able to pick a variety of cheeses and take the plate to our room for a snack on our balcony. There are movies under the stars in the evening and it’s nice to have a meat and cheese platter instead of, or in addition to, the popcorn and chocolate chip cookies and milk they offer. We agree, the maraschino cherry and mint leaves were an interesting plate décor choice for our cheese plate!

How about a bagel with smoked salmon and capers, sans bagel and cream cheese, for breakfast? Or steak tartare with a toast point for an evening snack? There are so many desserts, fresh baked cookies, pies, fruit, tarts and this lovely cherry filled meringue cloud.

Room service is a great way to go too. Princess offers a Canadian bacon, cheese and egg muffin for breakfast. Chips and guacamole, cheese quesadillas, sandwiches, tacos, burgers and salads are some of other options for room service. It’s nice to be able to enjoy a meal outside on your balcony or even have a ‘bed picnic’ and watch a movie.

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  1. Great to know that there are healthy food options available on cruises, and that room service also offers a variety of choices. It’s nice to have alternatives and not just the typical buffet stereotype.
    Eva Johnson

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