Can we take a nap?

There are a lot of things to consider when essentially building a bedroom from scratch – especially when you have a space of 54×90 inches and you need to make the most of every inch. We wanted to be sure we have additional storage and can raise the mattress to access the area.

I saw a photo of someone’s bedroom where the top of the bedding was level to the bottom window sill and I really liked how that looked.  So many decisions to consider, which mattress and how thick will it be, is it coils and foam, foam only, rv queen or full size,before he can start designing the space for under the bed where storage containers will be able to slide in and out besides the large area in the center for larger items.  AND we need to be able to access the plumbing in case of emergency.   This was definitely a challenge to our patience but the base/foundation is complete!  I have been trying to use these peel and stick bricks for SOMETHING and I think they will be perfect to line walls of the storage area.

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Are we in Boston or Seattle?

Geez Louise – I’m ready for it to warm up and the snow to be gone, though now that we are down to just two or so inches instead of a dozen it’s not so bad.  And I guess there is no excuse not to get the first coat of paint on the back cabinets.  The light fixture will be replaced with an LED flat fixture like we put in the living area and hallway.  I love Behr Paints Gray Cloth color, nearly white but definitely a happy gray tone.


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Seattle Snow WEEK

We haven’t had snow like this in Seattle for ages but that doesn’t stop interior work from getting done (though it did slow down my photo taking!).  The hot water tank has been removed (taking out the wall between bath and bedroom made the job easier) and now we are boxing in that area for extra storage.  We are waiting for the new tankless hot water system to arrive, delivery has been delayed for over a week due to weather.  In the meantime the funky looking bathroom faucet has been replaced.  The choices are somewhat limited because the the wetbath shower hose is attached to the faucet but I love the brushed satin nickel appearance of this light weight plastic faucet!






We reached another milestone this morning – we are down to 1699 days before we hit the road.  While it may seem like it’s still a large number I know we are working our way towards a new destination.  It makes me reflect on some of the reasons we want to start this new chapter in our lives – to live freely, to be open to new challenges and continue to live a joyful life.

As we continue to get rid of more material items, I am holding on to a few things that I can’t decide if I want them because they’ve always been here or do I NEED them?

The light snow fall was great timing!


Well – look what the snow did for us today.  This is as good of a layout of where all the structural ribs are located as you could ask for!   We quickly ran out and made marks so when it’s time to install the awning we will know where we can more safely screw the support structure into the home.  And here I thought it was just a cool looking picture of the roof!


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Planning and doing

I don’t think it so much surprises me that we are tackling such a big project together but it does make me shake my head and smile that we are able to dig in and do things we have never done before.  Next on the list is removing the hot water tank and replacing it with a tankless water heater.   There are many things to consider and reconsider before the actual installation, like linking the propane tank to new water heater, venting considerations, best place to install that could possibly give us with more storage area and a mini list of other things also.    And while we are making these plans,  he painted the first coat on  the bedroom ceiling and walls in our sleeping area.  There are a lot of before’s on the way to after!



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