Cruising – ship, train and rv

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With 100 workdays left until he retires, we are looking forward to balancing a life of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and RV and Cruiseships)!

Not many companies offer paper copies of their brochures anymore, most are download online only. There is something satisfying with having crisp pages to turn on these Viking Cruise Brochures. A round trip from Paris to see the Beaches of Normandy and visit the city of Giverny where Claude Monet lived and worked looks like a great trip.

Flying has it’s challenges but the convenience of getting to your land vacation destination in hours instead of days is worth getting bloated and suffering with little leg room! Our longest flight was a ten hour non-stop flight to Paris. I’d be fibbing if I didn’t say it was grueling but we did our best to stay hydrated and stretch our legs occasionally in addition to having movies downloaded on each of out tablets to fill blocks of time. And as soon as you land in a new and exciting destination – it seems like the flight took no time at all.

While it will be a while before we can take a month or more long RV road trip, we are looking forward to our ‘home is where you park it’ trips to the Ocean, to State and National Parks and a lavender field or two.

Taking Amtrak’s Empire Builder to Chicago and then finding our way to Manhattan, NY would be a relaxing trip with gorgeous views out the window of our roomette. If you are going to dream – dream big!

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