Why is it that no matter how many times you pat yourself on the back for cleaning out the cupboards it’s only weeks when you look and it’s spilling over again? I dug in this week thinking I just needed to reshuffle things, nope….. I filled three bags with miscellaneous plates/cups/rubbermade containers. I donated a few things to our local Buy Nothing site and the rest I will take to Goodwill. I have to admit, I saved the pig in a blanket silicone baking mold – somethings you can’t let go! I fried some pork sausage and mixed Birch Benders Keto pancake mix and made a cute and tasty diabetic friendly snack. So a snack and simplified (for now) dish pantry is making me happy.

As his retirement is getting closer I am looking forward to planning an RV trip longer than a week. My side table stack is growing with books like Weird Washington and 50 States 5000 Ideas and a blank notebook. He just put a new alternator and starter into the GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2. We did decide putting the mini split in the rear on the right side doesn’t work as well as we’d hoped so will be putting it in the center rear of the rv instead. As much as I hate the thought of losing even an inch of window space, it will be nice to have the ac and heater unit work exactly how we want it to. This rainy time of year in Seattle, when it’s dark when you get up and gets dark midday, you have to choose between hibernating in depression or plan for something fun – it’s a struggle to choose which direction to go some mornings but looking through these books is good incentive to look forward.

I bought myself an exercise bike before my surgery. It’s not anything fancy but I’m determined to not use it for a clothes rack! I’ve missed two days since the new year – ugh, it’s only the 12th so two is too many – but I am keeping at it. It has a spot to put a tablet or phone so I have been finding 10 – 12 minute Youtube videos to watch while I pedal away. Once I get to the 6 week mark post surgery I hope to increase my time but not necessarily the speed or tension. I’m looking forward to nicer weather and walks on the beach.

#keto #exercisebike #livefortoday #planfortomorrow #postsurgery #springcleaning #wintercleaning #postholiday

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