While the New Year began nearly eight weeks ago, February 2023 really feels like the end of a very full year that was 2022. Last week I had a dental appointment for a teeth cleaning, nearly a year to the day of going in for a broken tooth. This lead to a root canal then a cap then a kidney stone then tumors then gout then surgery and last week the chapter was closed with a normal, no ‘geez what now‘, cleaning appointment! It took a full six weeks post surgery of wondering if there would ever be a spring in my step again or if fighting the urge to take a few naps every day would never end. Suddenly, planning for the future is exciting and my planning binders are cluttering up the dining room table.

When I started blogging in October 2018 the countdown to retirement was about 1620 days, or if I did my math correctly, 230 weeks. We are now at 27 weeks. This blog has taken a few different paths – what started as a ‘how will we get to retirement and what will we do when we get there’ has veered left and right with posts from meal prepping for a diabetic to grocery shopping savings, RV updates to weather reports. With time our plans have veered also, from planning on getting a 5th wheel and towing it with a Kenworth truck to wanting to go small for ease of driving and parking. We had planned on becoming fulltime RV-ers, giving up our sticks and bricks and spending the rest of our years on the road. We’ve watched many full time RV-ers who hit the road when we began making our plans, and now they have parked their RV for occasional travel instead of fulltime living.

We are finding our middle ground. Our plan now is for extended trips in our 1975 GMC Eleganza Motorhome combined with our love for cruising, a life of land and sea but with our home base to come back to for a sense of stability and my home office to continue working until we are old enough for Medicare or we win the lottery and I will retire too

For today, we are planning a ‘Discover our State’ road trip and we have two cruises on the books. I’m sure the blog will still zig and zag because life truly is a journey and there are always roadblocks that may send you in a different direction than you originally planned. I guess it’s how you react to those bumps in the road that, in the end, decide the rest of the story.

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