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Chicken…. wanna neck? Okay – so that’s a pretty old and corny joke!

We started 2023 with a hot wing challenge. It appears that, after nearly 40 years of marriage, my sweet husband has been hiding his ability to cook! And I mean indoor cook – not just over the blackstone grill or a bbq. He may have really messed up letting that little tidbit leak out. He made some delicious chicken wings, marinated them in buttermilk then did the F.E.B. (flour, egg, bread) before frying.

He was gifted the Hot Ones’ Season 18 hot sauce package. We’ve always enjoyed spicy foods though each have our limit of what we consider too hot. The first five sauces were fine, the #2 is an island/pineapple flavor, super good and I will look to buy that.  It would be great on fish/chicken and rice.  None of them were hot for hots sake- they had a decent taste, until you got to number six, Collards n ghost with ghost peppers.  Holy Moses.  It wasn’t brutal but it was hot and my lips didn’t like it.  Father and son went all the way through and did the ‘last dab’, in fact they had to add sauce to all of them because I was very conservative when mixing them. 

While we were iced in with a crazy weather week, I made good use of leftovers. I need to get the armadillo eggs back in the rotation – so good to have essentially a jalapeno popper covered and baked in sausage. I made scotch eggs too – a soft boiled egg baked in sausage. We have them on vacation, why are we not having them at home more often?

The gout in my toe has moments when it makes itself known so I am working on becoming ‘uric acid aware’ and am cutting back a bit on red meat. Cutting back, not eliminating – let’s make that crystal clear! I found a three bean salad recipe that I really enjoyed, though no one else was a fan so I’m pretty sick of it by now and it will be a while before I make it again! We bought a container of cashews at Costco which inspired me to make a cashew chicken salad. One of my favorite salads is Pea Salad. When I worked on Lower Queen Anne back in the mid 80’s to early 90’s I would visit a deli called Beba’s. Oh how I still miss that place! Besides the Rosannadanna Sandwich, the roast beef and havarti sandwich with alfalfa sprouts, a bagel with lox (all new tastes for me at that time in my life), the pea salad was one of my favorites. Peas, mayo, celery, bamboo shoots, bacon, cheddar cheese, dill, salt, pepper – oh my gosh. This is one salad I am glad no one else likes!

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