It’s difficult to spend the hard-won currency of time wisely if your mind never quiets. Margaret Larson

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I read this article this week about retirement and the adjustment it takes. Margaret Larson is a wonderful journalist from the Seattle area. I felt like she was talking specifically to me.

The second photo isn’t mine but this week on our walk we could see two pods of orcas as they frolicked (fed!) in the sound. Three years of our walks and they FINALLY allowed us a glimpse!

This wasn’t the only exciting thing to happen this week, he mailed his retirement paperwork. We heard a rumor that, like so many other companies in 2021/2022, processing documents can take up to nine months, contrary to the 60 – 90 days they suggest sending it in prior to retirement. He will be celebrating his 41st year with the company this week. Going to a company dinner is not his idea of a good time so we will go out to dinner the same night and have a quiet celebration.

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