Who is steering this ship?

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Some would say I’m not very flexible, can’t touch my toes to my nose and when plans get changed I may get a bit grumpy. I was scheduled to have surgery this past Monday but it needed to be rescheduled to mid-December. I tried to embrace the idea of a tugboat – to stay strong and powerful to easily change direction as my part of this journey, though there were certainly high and low tides to wade through.

We decided to change directions so this weekend we took a nice drive to the Snoqualmie Casino for lunch and to feed a few slot machines. They were hungry machines and sucked up our ‘donation’ relatively quickly but we had a fun time. It was a beautiful drive, the leaves are turning yellow and the sun was shining, it was a nice reset.

Now the surgery is pushed back in my mind and I’m challenging myself to make changes to recipes to make them stretch further. Reducing the amount of ground beef in my chili recipe and adding a can of black beans saved a few dollars and substituting refried beans for ground beef in the enchiladas did not cause a rebellion. Saving 43% on my last grocery visit was promising and should make for good meal planning for this coming week. Life is a journey, up and down and back and forth!

#adrenalgland #surgery #patienceisavirtue #outofyourhands #plansaremadetobebroken #liveyourbestlife #budget #mealplanning #savings #lifeisajourney

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