With Thanksgiving approaching it’s a challenge to not overdo things – like buying too many hams because they are on sale! It’s been a full ham week here on the ol’ homefront. I bought a spiral ham and carved it up for three different ways to prepare it.

We have ham slices for sandwiches that should last all winter. I froze three layers of ham over parchment paper sheets and now they are tucked safely into ziplock freezer bags. I smoked the ham bone with cherry wood chips and then put the bone and seasoned water into the instant pot and slow cooked it for five hours for some great broth/stock. We had baked ham slices last night that we cooked in a sugar free ginger beer. I balanced out the low carb intake with potatoes au gratin.

The freezer now has a few servings of delicious ham and potato soup. I sautéed carrots and sweet onions in a little oil as potatoes boiled in salter water then put it all together with the stock from yesterday, diced ham and cream. There are a few two cup size servings in the freezer, ready for a cold winter evening.

Well, the ham is still a good price so I got a second one and threw it in the Smokin’ Tex smoker. I guess we will have ham for holiday dinners in December too, the good news is I will only have to come up with a few side dish ideas. I’m fighting the urge to buy a turkey and spatchcocking it to bake some, smoke some and make turkey soup. I love baking during this time of year but this year trying to stick to savory instead of cookies and breads.

#thanksgiving #keto #diabetes #fallcooking #scentoftheholidays #spiralham #smokintex #diythanksgiving

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