Celebrating the beginning of the last year before his retirement.

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We spent the week at a nearby state park.  The weather was perfect, dry and low 80’s but cooling at night. Taking the ferry was certainly cheaper then the price of a tank of gas to drive around, although, we did fill up the tanks before we left so essentially paid to ferry AND drive! 

We found a big blackberry patch and picked enough to fill a large bowl.  I used the Jiffy  mix I brought and made delicious blackberry cornbread muffins.  i love the Omnia Stovetop Oven. We had blackberries over granola with unsweetened almond milk for breakfast one morning,  who are we with that breakfast?!?!

We enjoyed our set up. The clam shelter is our dining area, we didn’t need to escape the weather in it this trip. We have no hook ups so relied on our generator, the solar and our 300 amp hour lithium battery. It needed some tweeks but worked well in the long run.

It was a nice way to start his 61st birthday.

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