Gadgets and Gizmos for the Great Outdoors

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Besides our Berkey water filtering system, the Omnia Stovetop Oven and our AirHead composting toilet, I realized I have a few more favorite things that make life easier when we are out and about. The folding camp chair and air filled ottoman make it easy to read a trashy novel under the tree canopy with a light breeze blowing through. We talk about the Clam Quickset tent a lot and it still lives up to our expectations. We have turned into old pro’s at setting it up and breaking it down.

In a small space like the inside of the 1975 GMC Motorhome, every item needs to either be multipurpose or very compact. I almost forgot we had a collapsible strainer to rinse our blackberries in, it folds up so compactly I didn’t see it. I love the color of the bowls as much as I like the convenience of them! The blackberry muffins were great by the way!

We had bought a counter top ice maker but I didn’t think the quality or quantity of the ice it made was worth sacrificing counter space for. This ice tray doesn’t take up much room in the freezer and stores the cubes easily. It’s compact perfection.

The mosquitos ignore me, but the birthday boy was getting eaten alive before I remembered we had this insect repellent with us. It worked really well once he decided to give it a go. It was better then having to slather on pink calamine lotion after the fact!

I’m not affiliated with any of these items and I wish I was organized enough to set up an Amazon store to link to, but you can find everything there if you are interested.

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