A little upgrade in the GMC Motorhome before a short trip

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It was time to replace the radio in the 1975 GMC Eleganza 2. It’s so nice to have bluetooth for mapping directions and to view the rear and side cameras, besides listening to some old school jams while you are on the road. I have to say I’m glad I am not the one installing and figuring out which wires go where, even though it’s pretty self explanatory. A little paint touch up and we will be nearly good as new.

I learned how to make a Whipping Knot this week so I could add a strip of sisal rope where the cab meets the home. We’ve got a beachy bit of twine throughout the living area. The door handle and the seat belt floor mounts are encased in twine too. It’s hard to know where to stop, if it wasn’t for blistering finger tips when using the hot glue gun I’d probably cover the entire interior.

The Berkey is ready for the trip. This gravity water purifying system is great. The water always tastes, well, it has no taste which is the purpose. A bit of Barkeepers Friend keeps the outside shiny and an occasional vinegar bath for the inside keeps everything in good working order.

You would have thought the Maxxfan blades were frosted and not clear plastic! We took the screens off and removed the fan blades with a 3/32 allen wrench before wiping everything with a mircrofiber cloth from my Swiffer Sweeper before gently washing with dish soap. We wiped the inside of the fan and lid then gave it a light Simple Green spray and wipe before putting it all back together.

I’ve got all the fixings for a frittata to bake in our Omni Stovetop Oven.

Bacon cooked and choppped into bite size pieces

4 large eggs

1/2 cup sour cream

Salt, Pepper, Cumin

2 ounces cream cheese 

2 small jalapeno peppers sliced thinly crosswise, stems removed

1 cup +/- grated Mexican blend cheese 

I will be sure the Omni is well heated and greased before pouring the mix in and baking until it smells done. We aren’t big on breakfast so this makes a great keto friendly midday meal. A few more things to doublecheck and we will be ready to go.

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