Time to re-focus on the 1975 GMC Motorhome

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We have been counting the days to retirement since before we bought the GMC Eleganza II. Here is what I wrote at 1600 days – https://wordpress.com/post/ournewneighborhood.blog/784 . When he retires he will have worked for the same company for over 42 years, there won’t be an old fashioned gold watch as that part of his life comes to an end, but there will be a new beginning and that beats a gold watch by a landslide!

Since we bought the motorhome we have made a number of improvements and we have one more big project to tackle. The roof air conditioner is original to the Eleganza II, so it’s coming on 48 years. We are going to be proactive and put in a new air conditioning unit before the one we have retires itself. After removing the Onan generator we have a big space to put the condenser and the blower unit will fit nicely in a cupboard. We have created a storage area under the bed which we can modify (again!) to fit the condenser and will keep us from having what looks like a big white fan on the back bumper. That would work too but we’d prefer something more discrete.

In preparation for an upcoming trip and the a/c install, it was time to go through the cupboards and closet and rethink some of the ‘essentials’. There are a few things that need to be washed but plenty that isn’t necessary. Plus I needed to bring the collapsible food storage containers in the house for meals I want to make before our trip and put in the freezer.

I love the changes we’ve made to our motorhome. I love my little kitchen. While the plan to hit the road permanently has changed, I’m looking forward to our upcoming trip and planning longer ones once he retires.

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