We’ve been enjoying the summer weather. Having some dry Seattle weekends has given us the opportunity to have some fun with our grandson. This 1970’s Honda motorcycle has been a fun project for him and grandpa to work on. They rebuilt the carburetor and other fun things and had it running so quickly I had to tell them to slow down – this is supposed to be a SUMMER project not a weekend project!

It wasn’t long before he was riding back and forth in the alley. I don’t know who had the bigger smile, grandpa or grandson! These two have been motorcycle buddies since he was old enough to sit on a bike in the driveway.

It’s been a more traditional Seattle summer, the warm weather arrived in July and the hot weather looks like it is just around the corner. There isn’t much better then summer on Alki Beach watching everyone enjoy the water.

#familyfun #honda #seattle #summer #alki

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