This Rolling Stone is Gathering Moss!

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It’s been a week. I’m not sure which word the emphasis should be on – It’s BEEN a week or It’s been a WEEK – but it feels like it’s been a month. The kidney stone is slowly moving around and getting closer to the exit point but it is sure taking it’s sweet time. With the antibiotics for the UTI that decided to accompany the stone, I’ve been needing to focus on finding probiotics. I had a real brain block on that one – was drinking Kombucha (blech) until someone suggested yogurt – duh! I found the best yogurt I’ve ever had. It’s pricy but I deserved a few treats for surviving this week. I found La Fermiere yogurt at PCC, a local community coop chain of grocery stores. Not only is the yogurt so tasty and the texture is perfect, it comes in the cutest terracotta pot. I had to go back and buy more so I could have a set of four of the pots – I think small faux succulents would look look adorable and make nice gifts for certain daughter in laws!

Another discovery I made, at the suggestion of my best friend, was a toilet ‘hat’. When you have a kidney stone they want you to collect the urine and strain it each and every time to find that diamond in the rough. Yuck. The toilet hat makes that so much easier. I won’t go into detail the method I was using to collect the urine for the first few days, but it wasn’t fun! And a small update – I struck gold this morning. Not enough to call out the troops for an Alaska Gold Rush, but enough to give hope that the darn thing is, in fact, breaking up! I can see the end of drinking diluted apple cider vinegar and full strength pomegranate juice is in sight but will keep the pain medication in reach.

I’m ready for some fun – or a nap…. maybe a nap!

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