Snoqualmie Casino RV Parking

Well, you can’t help but consider the price of gas when planning an RV trip – especially when your rv gets between 9 – 11 miles per gallon. This was a consideration before it hit $5 a gallon, especially when our vacation time is limited (retirement can’t get here fast enough). If we had more time for longer trips where we would drive further but stay longer to lower the average cost per day for a vacation, it would be psychologically different. We got lucky and found a Washington State Park relatively close to home that had an opening at the same time we had scheduled our time off. With camping sites hard to find, we cancelled our reservation at the further site quickly so someone else can use it.

I’m looking forward to the trips we have planned and cooking in my kitchen. Anything I can cook in my sticks and bricks kitchen I can cook in here but somehow it is more exciting to plan. For some reason I feel like the only ingredients we should use are from farmers markets when we are on the road. Oh and stopping on the way at greasy spoons for lunches – because balance is essential!

The Keto/diabetes diet has a way of being fancy and not feel like you are sacrificing anything. These are easy things to have on the road and at home. Cheese… well, you just can’t go wrong with good cheese. This week Safeway had Maille Mustards buy one/get one so I bought a dijon and the whole grain old style mustard, my favorite. A slice of deli sliced roast beef with a coating of the mustard and a slice of havarti cheese rolled together made a satisfying lunch – pretty to look at and tasty too.

While I haven’t posted an updated video on the most current changes we’ve made to our 1975 GMC Eleganza II motorhome, I’ve certainly recorded a few. I need to just upload one of them, but once you post you have to see negative comments and even though the positive ones far exceed them, I focus on the negative and it keeps me from posting another video. Anyhoo….. here is a video that shows what we started with and some of the changes we’ve made.

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