I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir but coming up with a meal plan every week can be, well, a real headache sometimes! I decided we should make a special trip to our local-ish German Deli this past weekend and get a few cheese varieties and coldcuts and find something for dinners. I started at the right hand side of the display case and worked my way over. Some smoked sharp cheddar and Butterkase before getting a pint of German Potato salad. They make their sausages in house so we got some wieners and smoked wieners, some landjaeger and beef jerkey. The cart was filling up pretty quickly.

I do not like hot dogs but whatever magic they do makes for the best hot dog/wiener I’ve ever had. We grilled some of them for dinner (I tucked the others away to eat another day this week) and had them with the homemade pretzels pretzels he was inspired to make after our visit to the deli. I did pick up a jar of pickled herring and we (mistakenly) bought some double salt salted black licorice. I’ve never heard of salted licorice, let alone double salted – to say it was awful is an understatement, as soon as it hit my tongue I had to spit it out and into the garbage.

Sunday dinner was an old recipe, sesame shrimp with asparagus served over jasmine rice. I haven’t made it in a number of years. Luckily the frozen shrimp were on sale, the 21-25 count for $5.99 a pound, sold in two pound bags though the asparagus was through the roof. I was committed to this meal so bought the asparagus anyway. I did get the white jasmine rice instead of the brown – the brown is good too but sometimes I prefer the white. I was glad I already had soy sauce and sesame oil in my pantry. The instant pot makes perfect rice so all I had to do was snap the ends off the asparagus and give them a gentle massage of olive and sesame oil and give them a sprinkling of salt before baking at 425 for 10 or so minutes. The shrimp fried quickly in peanut oil then were dressed with soy sauce, mirin and sesame oil, tossed with red pepper flakes and scallions (green onions) and, with the asparagus, served over the rice. I like to toast some sesame seeds to sprinkle on the top. One plate for the photo and one plate with heaving piles of rice and shrimp not to be seen in public!

I found this keto friendly dish this week. Heated sliced tomatoes and seasoned with salt and pepper, topped with two mixed eggs and topped with some shredded cheese. Once the eggs were cooked I added a little hot sauce and put a Mission Carb Balance tortilla on top then flipped it over (unsuccessfully) to crisp up the tortilla. It wasn’t pretty but it was very tasty. I need to add it to the recipe book because I swear I forget the new recipes as soon as the dishes are clean!

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