I was going to title this ‘Hells Bells’ with the thought of Hells Bells this week went fast… then I read the lyrics of the AC/DC song and thought I better come up with something else! So ‘this week flew by’ will have to suffice!

I want to journal my 60th birthday weekend, knowing as great as it was, in time I will forget the details. My husband of 38 years and I went out to a very nice dinner at a restaurant in our neighborhood that has the best view of the Seattle Skyline ( better then the often seen Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill). The weather was so nice and we were able to eat outside. We generally stick to Dave’s Killer Bread because of the carb ratio but the Essential Baking Company sourdough bread, which was grilled and served with whipped butter…. well, no way we were passing that up! Because we get the best steaks from the Swinery, we knew we would be going seafood for our dinner. The Oyster shooters and Manila Clams were divine and the Lobster and Prawn Bucatini that I brought home to eat the next day (well…. the bread was soooo good!), made me happy too!

The next morning our grandson, who shares my birthday weekend, came over and spent the night. How fast did we go from planning crafting activities to he and grandpa having a conversation about rebuilding carburetors and swapping dirt bike stories? He is a 14 year old who is kind and funny, smart and polite, with enough pushing the limits to be a well rounded teen.

I received the nicest email from an old friend, one of those friends you don’t need to see often to know they would drop everything to be there for you if you needed, even if you didn’t know you needed. The email had my crying and then laughing – I had to call her and tell her she just wrote my eulogy! It was sweet and funny, and while in all honesty I hope whoever is in charge when I’m gone just takes little pieces of my ashes with them on vacations and drop me here and there, her words were a nice summation of my life so far.

I had quite a string of emails going with my daughter in law about how great the oysters were. I wanted MORE so my birthday weekend (finally) ended with a dozen fresh oysters on the half shell from Seattle Fish Company in West Seattle – they were perfection. I am grateful for everyone in my life that lifted me up this weekend.

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