Vacation is just around the corner

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The sky is pink this morning and it’s not raining. The apricot tree – which in the 8 years we have had it has had ONE apricot – is in full bloom with it’s pink blossoms. The birds are chirping and the mask mandate in Washington State is over – who could ask for more!

Our cruise vacation is just around the corner. Nearly two years to the week from the one that was cancelled in 2020. While we have done a few rv camping trips it’s been nearly 2 1/2 years since we’ve been on a plane to fly to a sunny destination, or rainy one either for that matter.

We will be celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary at sea, which sounds very romantic. Our first cruise was in 1998 and we’ve been on nearly 30 since then, ranging from one night cruises to a 14 day Mediterranean cruise. This year we will be enjoying the California Coast, as long as the virus test comes back negative that we will take at the pier!

We obviously enjoy cruising. I personally love the unpack once and wake up in a different destination aspect. Over the years we have changed how we manage our time on board. In those first few years my mindset was that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so didn’t want to miss anything. I loved taking the boys (13 and 9 on their first cruise) to formal dinners, getting all gussied up and knowing how to use the silverware at the table! I don’t know if they liked high tea as much as I did but they were always good sports about going and enjoying their little crumpets and finger sandwiches. The cruise lines have simplified the dinners now, even formal night is more casual. I am fine with it and I don’t insist we eat in the dining room each night, though I do miss the camaraderie of the same waiter and assistant waiter each night. I enjoy walking though the buffet area to find something I’ve never had or going to the International Cafe and getting something to eat outside if weather permits.

Our days at sea are less frantic also. We may attend the occasional trivia game if it sounds good at the moment but as we’ve aged, a nice walk around the decks, a cold soda and then lounging to watch the sea go by is a lovely way to spend the day. We enjoy the peace of the adult only pool – if you are up early enough (before noon!) you can nearly always have it to yourself. This time we booked a week long spa pass as the adult pool area is a bit different then other ships.

I used to only book inside cabins so we could cruise more frequently. Now we’ve agreed that a balcony where we can sit outside and enjoy a quiet coffee by ourselves in the morning is the only way we want to go. With age comes wisdom and with an empty nest comes less people to pay to cruise with! We use our port days to find something new to discover about the city. We aren’t shoppers or big drinkers so we attempt to find that small independent lunch spot where the locals go or beach they hang out at when they have a day off.

My suitcase may already be open and waiting to be filled!

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