Stepping up the frugal grocery shopping

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We all know this week has been a doozie with gas prices increasing and the knowledge that prices for everything will continue to rise. While I do try to make frugal purchases at the grocery store, this week I was even more conscious of each item that went into the cart.

After my Wednesday morning online coupon ‘clipping’ and writing the better deals on my notebook phone app, I headed to the grocery store. I decided to park on the street instead of the parking lot so I could easily walk to get my haircut before shopping (knowing full well I would forget to get my haircut if I waited until after grocery shopping!). I managed to remember to walk back to the car to grab my bags so I didn’t have to pay the bag charge. I’ll be making homemade macaroni and cheese again this week.

I am sure I was one of those annoying people today who kept stopping in the aisles to think about each purchase. I did try to stay in my lane but it seemed like every purchase needed to be well thought out. Going through the produce section I saw that fresh dill and thyme were on sale and I knew I could use those this week. I bought loose carrots and celery because I didn’t need full bags or stalks and it’s not a savings if you have to throw it out. I am roasting a chicken for dinner tonight that will carry over into two more meals – chicken tortilla soup and something else I haven’t decided yet.

Normally I don’t like thin cut steak but for a buy one get one, I thought carne asada tacos would be good for dinner. I have cilantro and green onions and bought a few tomatoes. There are Mission Carb Balance tortillas in the freezer and a few street taco size corn tortillas tucked away. One package of the steaks went directly into the freezer for next week.

While the price of eggs has gone up, they are so versatile. This week I made eggs three ways. I had finished a jar of beets and kept the juice so made pickled eggs. Having egg salad on crackers and hard boiled eggs seasoned with salt and pepper were great snacks to have this week. I used my Instant Pot on manual for three minutes, I’m trying to find the sweet spot for a softer yolk. I took left over spiral ham out of the freezer and we had open faced ham, cheese and egg sandwiches for dinner.

With St Patrick’s Day around the corner, corned beef was on sale but it was a limit of one for $3.49 a pound. I bought the largest one I could find because after cooking it I will be able to freeze half of it for another meal. The tag price was $32.29 but with my discounts the final price was $16.93 making it just over $2.85 a pound. Though my grandpa would have told me to wait until St Patrick’s Day to plant my potatoes but I jumped the gun and planted them last week.

I feel good about this shopping trip. I saved 40% for a total dollar savings of $89.46 plus earned 50 cents per gallon in gas discounts. I didn’t plan to write about grocery shopping AGAIN but it was foremost in my mind today. I’m going to reward myself with a tuna sandwich, with that fresh dill and diced celery.

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3 Replies to “Stepping up the frugal grocery shopping”

  1. Beautiful photo of Impressive storm clouds!
    Your mac and cheese looks phenomenal! Do you a lower carb version? If yes, care to share your recipe?
    Being budget conscious is important! There are so many smart choices if you shop for them!
    Thank you for sharing!

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