New season means bringing out the old favorite recipes. The first time I had Pea Salad was at Beba’s Deli on Lower Queen Anne in Seattle, was it really 40 years ago?? It’s a refreshing salad with fresh or dried dill and dill pickles, bacon and cheese, thyme, salt and pepper and a dollop of mayonnaise mixed into thawed frozen peas. Normally I mix in green onions but I didn’t have any, luckily the chives in my little herb garden are ready to be cut. I didn’t have water chestnuts either, but I think I’m the only one who likes them so there were no complaints.

It’s still early for ‘good’ strawberries, but I found these at Trader Joe’s last week. Gave them a quick rinse and patted them dry before slicing them. I love berries and cream so poured just a bit of heavy whipping cream over the top. Sometimes I sprinkle a little sugar too, but the berries were sweet enough without it.

On my last grocery shopping trip there were hams on sale for .99 a pound! I bought a big ol’ butt and divided it by three. I sliced two of the portions and put them in a freezer bag to save for future meals. This week I put the remaining third in a cast iron skillet and covered it in a mix of melted butter and honey after scoring the ham so the goodness will melt into the ham while baking at 250 degrees for a couple hours.

I borrowed a recipe book from my  Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts graduate daughter-in-law. I can’t wait to dig in and find some new recipes to try!

In the spirit of spring, the potatoes are planted. I got some nice potato ‘seedlings’ and filled these bags with soil. I’m saving coffee grounds and egg shells and mixing them into the soil and talking to them daily in hopes they sprout soon. I like these growing bags, there is a pocket on the bottle of the bag where you can reach in and feel for the potatoes to pick instead of disrupting the plant growth. Yes, I said I talk to them, I’m working remotely and sometimes you need to talk out loud instead of murmuring under your breath! Happy Spring!

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