What a week – or was it just a few days??

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Root Canal

Somehow I managed to get through the root canal! I spent the week lecturing myself about how I always say “I would rather it happened to me then my kids” and doing deep breathing exercises. If I could take a selfie, I guess my blood pressure wasn’t raging too badly!

The View

The view from the dental chair helped distract me, and, well, I also borrowed a Xanax which may have had something to do with no panic or claustrophobia! Whichever was the winning solution, and probably a combination, I will take the victory! Of course I have to go back in six weeks so we’ll see if I can talk myself off the ledge for that appointment too.

In anticipation of my being miserable – which I wasn’t – sweet husband took a few days off. We rewarded our good fortune of a smooth appointment and pain free aftermath by hitting some thrift stores. We had so much fun together and found a few treasures. This dachshund was impossible to pass up even though…. well you know…it has no purpose but to be cute. The Pottery Barn nautical clock I love and goes with our ‘let’s pretend to live in a tropical climate’ theme. The pottery vase has a makers signature on the bottom so I know it was made by someone’s hands. We found a few other goodies that we tucked away – is there an Etsy store in our future???

It was a rewarding week in another way too – my medal for completing the virtual walk along the Flower Route in the Netherlands arrived. I’m currently ‘walking’ along the Amalfi coast. I think the Amalfi is my favorite so far, the views on the app that track where you are walking area great, and since we were there in 2014, it feels really nice to be on this adventure. We also made it through our self imposed restriction of no take out for two weeks. However……we made up for it over the weekend and I think picked up every meal we ate – but no delivery charges!

Deep Dish

By Sunday I was back to cooking – homemade pizza (on Trader Joe’s fresh dough) cooked in the cast iron skillet.

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