After nearly two years of working remotely, this week I attended an in-person holiday function. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to a few nights of anxiety prior to the get together. While I’ve not been a hermit, it’s been a minute since I walked into a truly social event. Could I get back in the swing of small talk? Would I be remember how to slide into a conversation, and more importantly, not monopolize it? Do I really have to bump elbows instead of meeting co-workers with a handshake? Could I come up with an excuse not to go????

Luckily our team leaders asked everyone to participate in a White Elephant gift exchange, which for me, was an ice breaker. Although it appeared to me that everyone else was cool as a cucumber, I needed that time to get outside of my head and enjoy the moment. My gift was a plant in a cute bird vase, I followed the gifters’ tradition of naming the plant – this is Millie.

It was nice to put faces to names. And I have to say, when you enter payroll for people they think you are pretty spectacular! Having conversations, NEW conversations, whether about work, hobbies or their families was refreshing. I feel rejuvenated and looking forward to the end of 2021 and forward to 2022.

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