Making that list, checking it twice

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As I was preparing to address New Years Cards, I took extra time to purposefully read each name in the address book. So much correspondence is now done via email or text and it’s easy to get in my own personal algorithm and remembering to reach out. This small 30 plus year old address book holds a lot of memories.

Looking through the address book brought back memories of people who we may not be in regular contact with as our lives have gone in different directions, but the memories made me smile. There are many addresses of people who we have met on vacations. It seems we often find like minded people on vacation and I now have business cards with our name and email address to share so we can keep in contact long after the vacation is over.

As I’m getting the cards addressed this year I am thinking of Christmases past, when the kids were all smiles and I had dark hair!

I smile when I remember Santa was up in the attic, clip clopping above the bedrooms so we could get another year of believing in Old Saint Nick!

Hosting family friendly parties over the years was great fun, including making candy dogs and holiday sweater cookie decorating!

I miss traveling for the holidays, I enjoy a warm beach holiday as much as a cold east coast holiday.

At this rate these cards will never get sent. I guess I better stop daydreaming and get back at it!

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