Celebrating his 60th Birthday

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Two more years until retirement! If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know we started when there were nearly 1700 days of the countdown and now there are less then 730 days including weekends, holidays, vacation days…. we got this!

We spent Saturday at the Arlington Skyfest. Evidently in years past they’ve let RV’s park overnight but this year was cars only. It worked out really nicely, they left space for you to set up a picnic/sitting area near your vehicle. There was an aeronautic show, a car show and a military display.

We loved watching the hot air balloons set up and the light show. I knew the balloons were big but I had NO idea they were that big! I don’t have photos of the drone show that do it any justice. It was amazing to see 100 or more drones create things in the sky We are going to make a point of finding more drone shows to attend. He had a nice birthday weekend and heard from a number of people who appreciate who he is to them which is always nice to hear.

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2 Replies to “Celebrating his 60th Birthday”

  1. We used to live near Hudson, WI (on the MN-WI border near St Paul and Mpls). Hudson has an event each winter called the “Hot Air Affair”. Even back in the 90’s, they had 40-50 balloons regularly. We’ve heard the number have approached 100 balloons more recently. Having them ‘light up’ at night is one of the biggest hits. It was always SO fascinating. Many hot air balloons drifted over our home.
    We will have to check out Drone shows. Sounds interesting!
    Thank you for sharing!

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