You’d think I was a country girl

Sometimes a song hits you in the pit of your stomach and you feel it is your theme song. Over the years we’ve had songs that have given inspiration on that particular path of the road we were on at that moment. While I’m an 80’s Hair Band kinda girl, (well, grandma!), these country songs stole my heart at different times of our lives.

Dreaming in color while living in black and white was certainly our motivation to not only take a break from work when given vacation time but to make the experience as colorful as we could. When we took that first cruise vacation back in 1998, it was an eye opening experience (for us) of the places we could go. One of the things I really enjoy about cruising is unpacking once and waking up in a different location each day. The planning and building anticipation and then scrapbooking the memories after the vacation helped expand the seven days into a few months.

Like so many others, there are places we dreamed of seeing but figured it was either something we would plan to do ‘later’ or not even dare to think we could do. When we had health issues that hit all at the same time – which we now monitor and do our best to keep in check – we made the decision to DO IT NOW and not wait for someday. We chose to ‘live like we were dying’ and enjoy today. We knew we wanted to see Europe and what better way, for us, then a Mediterranean cruise where we could visit Rome, Florence, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Positano, Athens, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Venice, Aix-En-Provence and Barcelona. Would we go back again – you bet – but we did indeed treat the experience as though it were our one and only.

I discovered this song just a few weeks ago. It makes me smile and made me think, here is another song that fits where we are in life.

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