I love having a new view out the back window of the 1975 GMC Eleganza 2. Our stay at the Green Apple Alpaca Farm in Auburn Washington was a fantastic place to stay. It was easy to back our 26 feet long rv into the marked Harvest Host parking spot and the air bags made it very easy to level. Our hosts were there to meet us and make sure we were comfortable. It’s always fun to show someone the inside of our girl, it’s such a contrast from the outside. With the new antennae’s on top, it really resembles the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle.

We went on a tour of the farm and met the alpacas, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, roosters and little kittens. The farm is not far from where my great grandparents homesteaded in the late 1880’s. The smell of the farm fills my heart and calms my soul. Having our thirteen year old grandson to share the experience with us added to the happiness scale!

He enjoyed feeding the farm animals and then helped set up the Blackstone Grill on our small portable table before he made our pizzas for dinner. After dinner we set up our chairs in the open field and fed the animals blackberry leaves. We could see the neighboring dairy farm and the huge (70 feet high) pile of….. well….. ‘compost’ from the cows! We watched a powered paraglider fly past as the sun was beginning to set. I didn’t want to pack up the chairs and head back to our parking spot because I could have stayed out there all night, but I didn’t trust myself to walk on the pasture in the dark without twisting an ankle! We set up our chairs and stargazed for hours. ‘Grandma really likes stars I guess’ . He was a good sport – no video games, no phone…. just grandma, grandpa, the dog and acres of land to walk around with farm animals!

We are planning to return to this Harvest Host site, just 40 miles from home. If you are interested in joining Harvest Host, please use our affiliate link for a discount for you and we will get a credit also.


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