Home IS where you park it!

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Living small AND living large was the theme this past week. We have had many plans get bumped, like many other people this past year, so we were cautiously optimistic about this trip to LaConner, Washington.

We knew each purchase we’ve made for the motorhome had to be well thought out. When you are living in approximately 208 square feet of space pretty much everything needs to have at least two purposes. Who would have thought the collapsible buckets we found would be some of our favorite items – we lined one with a (compostable) bag for garbage and one we used for the popcorn we popped on the Blackstone Grill!

GMC made 1,196 of the 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2’s and we’ve spent a few years making ours uniquely our own. Our ‘beach cabana on wheels’ was our home this past week, and not only did she run great (even in the 20 minutes stopped in traffic as we returned to Seattle), every modification we made was a success. I think I was as happy about the fact we had the Berkey Water Filter system and the Clam Quickset Shelter as I was about getting away and being on vacation. The Berkey frees up room in the limited storage spaces because we don’t have to bring bottled water. The Clam shelter gave us 136 extra square feet of living space. These made going small but living large a lot more comfortable.

This was our first trip in which we had electric and water hook ups. The surge protector, along with the dog bone adapter so our 50 amp motorhome could use a 30 amp power box, gave us a sense of security. We even remembered to plug the surge protector in first then turn on the fuse to test the power before plugging in the motorhome itself! We had preset the water pressure regulator valve before we left home so when we hooked it up it was raring to go and we didn’t have to worry about blowing our water line. The tankless water heater we installed gave us instant hot water for showers and washing dishes.

Living (even for a week) in the motorhome is like volunteering at the kid’s restaurant – in a small area you need to learn the dance. “Hot”, “Sharp” ,”Behind” and “Heard” were bantered about as much this week in the motorhome as a Saturday morning in their kitchen. Luckily for us, we have had 37 years together to learn some of the steps! The path we are taking towards retirement is a journey that includes trips like these.

“There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.”

Guy Gavriel Kay

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