You know you are a life long Seattle resident when two days of blue skies lifts your spirits so high it’s as though you’ve never had a negative thought in your entire life! It can be fleeting and I can about guarantee that when we leave for our getaway soon the clouds will return but this week is mahvelous dahling! I had to stop and get a picture at this moving mound of tiny ants who were enjoying the sun!

As far as the GMC Motorhome goes, she is ready to hit the road. I found a car net to install at the opening under the bed to keep the camping chairs, ladder, and whatever else we put on the floor, from sliding out when we are driving. Four small eye hooks seem to do the trick to hold the net tight and with the repurposed pillow sham hanging in front you’d never know how packed to the brim it is under there.

We were sad to hear that singer/songwriter BJ Thomas passed away this weekend. We love his voice and his lyrics could move me to tears, not a surprise considering I’m a sucker for ballads but gosh he was so talented. “When you hold me in your arms so tight, you let me know everything’s alright” and “whose the one you didn’t have to plead to give her time to the little league, it was mama, oh mama”. Well, crum…. I’m tearing up just writing those two lines, good golly!!!

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