Living large in a small home on wheels

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While it appears we are parked in a national park with water falls, we actually boondocked the first night in the Tulalip Casino RV Parking lot. We arrived on a Sunday so the parking lot was nearly empty. Truth be told, we turned into the Bingo Hall parking lot first then realized the Casino should be much larger! Just around the corner we found the RV lot. No hook ups but we were confident our new lithium battery kit and solar system would be ample enough to keep things running – and it was.

When you use the free RV parking lot at the Tulalip Casino you need to go inside and check in at the Players Desk to sign up for their players card. Before we went inside I plugged in our 120 volt Hotlogic Mini to heat some mozzarella sticks so we would have a warm snack when we returned to the GMC Motorhome. ( I have to admit every time I read the word Hotlogic I hear Comedian Jim Gaffigan’s sing song voice saying ‘ hot pocket’!) When signing in at the Players Desk we both received a $5 table credit plus $10 slot machine credit – we thought we’d make our donation to the casino and get it over with, which I reluctantly did. But low and behold – he picked the right machine and won $90 in a matter of minutes! We cashed out and went out to have our warm, melty mozzarella sticks.

After getting back to the motorhome we called the phone number provided for security to come out to verify the motorhome’s registration and current insurance card then give us the parking pass to put on the dash. You can stay for up to three consecutive nights and though we were tempted to stay longer after our quick win (!) we were only staying for one. In the early evening we went back into the casino, had a light dinner and THEN we donated our winnings back to the casino. We had played roulette for over an hour so it was money well spent and we kept our stay completely free with his winnings paying for dinner and our entertainment.

The next morning we drove off to our campsite. The drive to LaConner is always beautiful. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge that connects LaConner and Fidalgo Island over the Swinomish Channel is a sight to see. We hadn’t expected a Sasquatch sighting – but they looked preoccupied as they peered inside the windows of that house so we weren’t overly concerned!

In the end, people will judge you anyway, so don’t live your life impressing others – live your life impressing yourself. Eunice Camacho Infante

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