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Birthday Dinner

We have been busy getting things ready specifically for our upcoming get away with upgrades to the 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2 that will last it’s lifetime. In actuality it will probably long outlive us so perhaps I should take a lesson from this as I enter my 59th year today that modifications and restorations could also benefit the human mind and body!

The lithium battery is installed and working. The solar is keeping it charged and the BMS (battery management system) helps us keep an eye on it. The emergency turn off switch is working which gives us an extra feeling of security. The last thing to do is install a remote switch that will disable charging from the engine alternator.

One of those learn as you go lessons I resolved this past week. How many times was I in and out of the RV the last time we camped as I gathered supplies when I wanted to use with the grill?? I set out all the grill supplies, including an oil cloth table covering and ‘umbrellas’ to keep any unwanted winged guests off the food, and loaded them into a collapsible storage container. I was happy that everything fit nicely and left enough room for a tray to carry food and seasonings/sauces. And better yet, the entire container fits nicely in the cupboard under the refrigerator, tucked away and yet easy to grab.

The stove top shimmers after a little elbow grease and Bar Keepers Friend. It looks as new as something that is over 45 years old can get – without major surgery! We keep a dish drying mat between the stove top and cover to keep it from rattling while driving.

A month or so ago we removed the original propane tank. One of the old hoses had a small leak – not enough to know you smelled propane but enough to question whether you were imagining! We bought replacement hoses – especially once we were told that rodents are attracted to the scent of those old hoses – but then decided, for us, it would be more practical to put in removable tanks to refill or exchange without having to search for a drive up spot with the rv for a propane refill. They are secured and ready to go. The small pipe on the upper right is the fan for the composting toilet, it is so quiet and no odor beyond the occasional whiff of vinegar when you wipe down the toilet.

The outdoor storage we created when removing the generator and batteries leaves plenty of room for the tool box and more. We used a pool noodle (yup!) to fill in the small gap that would have let water or muck in while driving. We used our favorite 3M tape to affix the pool noodle.

Well… my personal ‘restomod’ has included trips to the chiropractor. Amazing what a difference that has made – I should have gone years ago! I have completed three ‘virtual’ walks so far this year. I am currently walking the Romantic Road Virtual Challenge through Germany. It is a 280 mile walk which makes it more of a challenge for me – not the distance itself but it’s longer time to get to the end. This year I’ve walked an ‘extra’ 197 miles and I am feeling better knowing I’ve set small goals and accomplished them. Like everything else…. I am a work in progress.

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