Well, I had to give in and get much needed bifocals! I’ve been taking my glasses off to read in addition to putting on and taking off reading glasses depending on the size of print I’m reading for a while – a long while. I feel like I’m walking in a carnival fun house with the progressive no-line lenses but without the ‘fun’. Fighting nausea while literally getting my footing, I am sure I will get figure it out soon and be joyful to have clear vision whether I’m reading or looking at the distance mountain peaks. They are also transitional so I don’t have to carry my prescription sunglasses anymore.

We got away this past weekend to celebrate our anniversary. The weather was wonderful and Dye’s Inlet is always so beautiful. This Falcon caught my eye, those brake lights are fantastic! We visited the Chief Si’ahl (AKA Chief Sealth/Chief Seattle) gravesite and as a born and raised Seattleite it’s always embarrassing how little I know about the man who the city (and my high school) was named after. I now have two windows open on my computer for further reading.

This we know; The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth.  This we know, all things are connected like the blood which unites one family.  All things are connected”

–Chief Si’ahl, Namesake of the City of Seattle


One thing about staying in a hotel is we realized how much more we like having our home with us to travel in! It wasn’t long after we got home before we were out working on the GMC Motorhome. When we replaced the headlight we found these scary but beautiful paper wasp nests. I guess we should remove the other headlight cover because I’m sure we will find the same under that one too. We purchased used wheel well covers that need just a little love to get them ready for installation. A little sanding and then a few coats of paint and they will look great.

My virtual Mt Kilimanjaro walk continues. I’m 74% through the ‘climb’ and pondering which one to sign up for when I’m finished. I would like to say I don’t need the extra incentive of a specific goal to get out walking on a regular basis, but I do. For me the challenges need to be attainable yet push me to get them done. I know I can’t do the Grand Canyon of 280 miles, well, I CAN do the walking but for me I need a number of shorter goals to get that same distance. Taking the steps to get to the goal is my ‘life is a marathon not a sprint’ philosophy that I didn’t know I followed until I just wrote it down. hmmmmmmmm.

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