37th Wedding Anniversary

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I had to get the calculator out to make sure the number was correct. After knowing each other for nine months (which at 21 seemed like a lifetime) we had a spring wedding – and nine and a half months later we had our first son. In what could be considered the stone ages you can imagine my grandma counting on her fingers to make sure we were over the 9 month mark, maybe because they tried to convince everyone I was a ‘preemie’ as I was born a wee bit before my parents nine month wedding anniversary – scandalous! Four and a half years later we had our second son and now we have daughter in laws, a grandson and grandpets galore.

I tried to wax poetic about the secret of staying with the same partner for 37 years but in all honesty I don’t have any answers, let alone THE answer. I even googled the secrets of staying married to see if I could quote someone else’s opinions. I have to admit I didn’t agree with most of their ‘secrets’ which I think is key – every relationship is different and what works for us may not work for you. It’s bobbing and weaving and changing the expectations of yourself and your partner. There is no cheat sheet, you just have to decide to make it work and not compare your relationship to anyone else’s. Maybe that’s my cheat – not caring what other people think is the right way to do it, not what reality tv portrays or what your friends put out there for you to see. Do what works for you with the baggage you carry and the baggage your partner carries, share the burdens and the joys and do your best to make it work. Sometimes you do go to bed mad, sometimes you scowl, sometimes you roll your eyes, sometimes you think ‘holy craaaaap’ – and sometimes you smile, sometimes you giggle, sometimes there is deep discussion and sometimes you just sit and watch Seinfeld reruns and nothing could be more satisfying at that moment.

For richer, for poorer, through sickness and health, till death us do part.


After last weeks cancellation of our trip to Yellowstone I was very discouraged and did not want to continue walking beyond my two weekly walks with my friend. The reason I started the extra walking was to make hiking at Yellowstone easier so it was a struggle but I kept at it and this week I passed the 60% mark of my virtual challenge to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro.

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