Making egg bites and controlling the carb count

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I struggle to not apologize for my love of, what is considered by many, the un-cheffy instant pot. Like generations before me using a pressure cooker I love the instant pot is that and more. I have a 6 quart for the house (sticks and bricks) and the 3 quart for the 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2. Once we did a wattage draw ‘test run’ on the 3 quart, I had packed it away in the RV but this past weekend I pulled it out to try some recipes variations because size does matter!

We were able to book a back up week for an RV getaway so I got back into being excited for some meal planning. I looked up a few Egg Bites recipes which always look so delicious at the coffee store, but I’m too thrifty to purchase! There are so many recipes with various carbohydrate counts, it took a bit of reading to figure out how an egg, cheese and a few other tidbits could add up to so many carbs. I found some recipes add flour, some add baking powder, some corn starch but I was able to make 8 egg bites for approximately 4.4 carbs in total.

The first try was a skeptical experiment, but oh my gosh those egg bites are delicious! Day one I made them pretty plain – didn’t want to ‘waste’ any ingredients but Day 2 they got jazzed up a bit. Of course I’m fighting the urge to purchase a silicone mold for the 6 quart I keep in the house that will make 7 at a time. It’s not a hardship (!) to make four for us to eat ‘now’ and do it again to make four to go in the fridge for later. I usually despise cold or lukewarm eggs but these little bites are great either cold or hot.

I thought it was a little silly that some insist you use a blender or immersion stick to blend your eggs when a whisk or a fork works just as well. I beat four whole eggs then added a dollop of sour cream and a drop of heavy cream – things we always have in the fridge – and added a shake or two my favorite seasoning, Tony Chachere’s. Then I whisked in some white cheddar cheese, half a slice of diced crispy cooked bacon and a few green onion ends/scallions. I did take into consideration the advice from one recipe to use a measuring cup to pour into the silicone mold to make it easier, though was a little stubborn and learned they were right after the first batch that filling only 2/3 full works best as the eggs will expand. I was glad my mold came with a silicone lid so didn’t have to cut aluminum foil or parchment paper to cover the egg mixture so the steam from cooking didn’t get into the eggs.

After putting a cup of water into the instant pot and placing the trivet inside, I carefully put the mold onto the trivet and managed to not tip it over. I steamed them on low heat for 9 minutes and then let the pot instant release for 3 minutes (the recipes all say 5, I was too impatient) then quick released until I was able to take the lid off. I used a pair of tongs to lift one side and probably should have used another pair or found larger tongs to avoid burning the fingers of my left hand as I took out the steamy hot mold! Oh – I sprayed the mold with non stick spray before pouring in the egg mixture so the bites slipped out onto the plate easily. I quick poured the rest of the egg mixture and got the second batch cooking so by the time we finished our coffee and breakfast of egg bites the second batch was ready for either putting in the fridge for later or, who am I kidding, eating a second batch! The instant pot has become my favorite gift to give along with a few recipes I have had success with. I like to make roasts, ribs, soup and any number of other meals in the pot, whether it’s on pressure cook or slow cook.

I will be finishing my virtual walk up Mt Kilimanjaro this week. I’m so close to the 100% marker and am tempted to not post this weeks blog until I am done but I am working to post every Thursday morning, whether I have something to say or not! I will finish the last 4.5 miles by Friday at noon and congratulate myself next week. Here is a view from the top of the 109 stairs we’ve added to our walks. The weather changing into spring gives such a different view as the leaves appear and the flowers begin to bloom.

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