I googled synonyms for the word disappointed, trying to find a way to express how I was feeling without sounding overly dramatic….  dash one’s hopes, frustrate, leave unsatisfied, tantalize, chagrin, tease, let down, disgruntle, discontent, disappointed and mislead. I think let down is the term I will use. I felt let down to learn the trip to Yellowstone that we’ve been planning and looking forward to has been postponed – indefinitely. Seems the park has decided that a few campgrounds (including Grant Village Campground which we booked) will not open until June 18th which is after the dates we made reservations for a few months ago. What was my first reaction? They can’t mean our reservations that are made and paid for, it must be for the lodge or new reservations. After reading and rereading the email, I called the next morning and after 37 minutes on hold (not that I was keeping track) it was confirmed they are opening later then what they said when they opened for reservations. Did I pout?? Ummmm YES. Am I ready to pack up the maps and hiking book and lists I’ve made of ‘must see’? NO, well, yes. Because we are still pre-retirement (just over 550 days if we take out weekends, vacation days and holidays) and we aren’t yet able to just pack up and go when we want, the time frame we booked remains the same only the destination will change. Here’s the deal, we COULD still go to Yellowstone but I don’t want to do it half way. After traveling 800 miles to get there, I want to drive the 154 mile loop and see the sites on the route with our scheduled nights along the way to enjoy the hikes near the campgrounds we had booked. In the end, Yellowstone isn’t going anywhere and we can go another time. Being flexible is a skill I have to work on daily but I am pulling up my big girl pants and slowly coming up with another plan that will involve a lot of Harvest Host stays and we will have a great time no matter where we end up.

Although, like a gray raining Seattle day, I’m feeling pretty gloomy I did surprise myself after talking to the customer service representative, instead of raiding the Easter Baskets I’ve been putting together, my first thought was “I’m so glad I’m going for a walk this morning.” What?? Who is this??? Along with complaining bitterly to the best walking partner ever, the 3.5 mile walk did clear my head. I hope I apologized for complaining about my vacation while the world is still spinning out of control though at a seemingly slower rate.

My virtual climb up Mt Kilimanjaro is going well. While I haven’t lost an ounce of weight, I am feeling better. The walks seem to go faster and the stairs, while still an understated challenge, seem easier since the time spent gasping for air is shorter. At just over 40%, I have 34 more miles to drag myself up the mountain (I know…. virtually!).

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