RV life – planning for a future of exploring

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“I have not always chosen the safest path. I’ve made my mistakes, plenty of them. I sometimes jump too soon and fail to appreciate the consequences. But I’ve learned something important along the way: I’ve learned to heed the call of my heart. I’ve learned that the safest path is not always the best path and I’ve learned that the voice of fear is not always to be trusted.”
― Steve Goodier

Our 1976 GMC Elegnanza 11 is chomping at the bit to hit the road. This summer when we go to Yellowstone for two weeks we will see how all the modifications we’ve made make for a better experience. I may have already started grabbing things like ‘boil in a bag’ quinoa for the trip in addition to practicing baking in our Omnia Stove Top Oven. I’m looking forward to hanging my new winter coat in the rv closet to wear on those chilly nights in Wyoming (I’m tired of wearing it out of necessity this winter!). The binoculars that somehow work with the cellphone camera will get put to good use and my virtual walking challenge will hopefully prove to have been worth doing as we hike around the park.

We’ve always enjoyed our road trips but no matter how much reading of reviews and ratings, when you pull up to the hotel your fingers are crossed it is in a safe area and it’s clean. I’m looking forward to being ‘at home’ while on the road. Knowing I can throw a meat and cheese platter together to nosh on when we arrive to fight off the hangry after a day of travel instead of hoping the on-site restaurant has a quick and reasonably priced bite, using my own bathroom and crawling (climbing!) into my own bed at the end of the day keeps my motivated to keep planning.

And in the meantime I keep trudging along on my virtual walk along Hadrian’s Wall. Not sure why I picked 56 days to finish the challenge of 90 miles, 60 would have been perfect but now I’m hustling to make up for snow days to get it done within the personal goal I set. I’m at 81.5 miles with four days to go.

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