This is the week we were planning to be in Chiang Mai for the Flower Festival but we can’t complain, really we can’t – making lemonade and all – but I will say I’m glad Seattle’s ‘most snow fall in one day in over 52 years‘ is pretty well melted! Though I did make a tiny attempt at walking, a foot of snow didn’t seem like fun to traverse in and then five or six inches of melting snow that covered three or four inches of slush was just not something I wanted to risk life and limb over! I am at 73% of my virtual walk along Hadrian’s Wall and will have to add a few miles this coming week if I am going to finish within the time frame I set.

We have a great new snow shovel and once we got our walkway cleared to get to the sidewalk we managed to pull a Tom Sawyer moment by offering it to the neighbor “Hey Deb, wanna try out this great new shovel????” No photos because we don’t want to admit how much of the sidewalk she shoveled! Looking at our RV covered in snow and shivering in the cold weather we were quick to think back to the Road Trip we took in 2015. We drove from Miami to Brooklyn and back in two weeks. Piece of advice….. make it three or four weeks! We had such a good time on that trip and, though we were in a rented convertible, it motivated us to keep planning living fulltime in our RV and traveling the US by following 70 degree weather. Did you know there is a map that shows a year round route to stay in 70 degree weather? 70 degree’s sounds soooo good right now!

When we planned out trip we had a few goals, one of which was stopping at flea markets along the way. Gotta say, the driving days were so long we skipped most of them. The other goal was to try local food and stay away from the chains, though I’m sure we hit a KFC on the way. Our road trip started in Miami where we had empanadas and cuban sandwiches. As we worked our way up the coast we stayed in Savannah, Georgia where we stopped at this wonderful bakery, Back in the Day, for a breakfast treat. I love lemon bars and these were so delicious.

Our lunch at Martha Lou’s Kitchen in Charleston was one of the highlights of our trip. We asked Miss Martha to sit with us and we had quite a chat and thanks to her I now use peanut oil when I fry chicken! We stayed on Pawley Island just south of Myrtle Beach and after much research found a great bbq place called Hog Heaven. We got there just before the local dinner rush and had a great meal of fried chicken, greens, mac and cheese and other southern bbq must haves.

You can’t imagine how long I’ve been trying to find the address where the “Brooklyn Diner” is – only to look at the photo 15 times and finally read it correctly as Brooklawn Diner! Geez. At least now I know it’s in New Jersey (new owners renamed it Empire Diner). In Brooklyn we had to go to DiFara’s pizza, then to Pickle Boys and to our favorite sandwich shop, Lioni’s. My favorite sandwich is the DooWop and of course I can’t leave without some rice balls.

Off to Lancaster PA with our friends where we sampled a lot of good things and filled the car with treats to eat while we turned around for our trip back down the coast as we return to Miami but we had to stop first at Stuckey’s where I believe we got a Pecan Roll and a slab of bacon (??) and stopped at a fruit stand for fresh peaches in Georgia!


You’d think all we did was eat as we traveled through these ten states, but we did do a bit of sight seeing along the way! While I’m looking through those photos, I think I’m calling Danny and Kim and asking them to bring home some pulled pork for our dinner and I will make a pot of mac and cheese! We are so looking forward to doing this trip again but in our 1975 GMC Motorhome, taking more time and becoming short time members of the communities as we slowly cruise the roads of America.

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