Date Night, No Joke…. or all jokes!

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We love live arts – music and comedy at all (well, most) levels. We loved going to see our son and his funk rock band at local venues and when they played the Back Bar at the Crocodile I was over the moon. When we visit Manhattan we love going to the Comedy Cellar and laughing til our sides hurt. This week we bought tickets from and had an at home date night watching Seattle comedian Adam Ray (and Friends) for a live performance, with the proceeds going to local food banks through Northwest Harvest. It was such a nice night, with a menu reminiscent of a cheap night out – frozen pizza, chips, popcorn and cheap beer! I’m looking forward to booking more shows for comedy nights at home.

It’s no joke how we are preparing for our trip to Yellowstone this summer! This past weekend, after much discussion, we took out the huge propane heater. While the heater works fine, that cupboard where the heater was is HUGE and I can see how much more storage we have now. We have found using our Little Buddy propane heater heats the entire RV quickly plus we have two small electric heaters that draw low amps – there are advantages to tiny home living!

We also redid the hallway this weekend. It’s a narrow area so the walls are easily scuffed up. A few weeks ago, I tried a bead board type wallpaper but it didn’t stick like it should (sometimes thrifty doesn’t pay off!). We decided to get the same bead board we used in the living area and apply it to the outside of bathroom door, the wall and the closet door. The ceiling lights reflect on the walls which adds so much more brightness. We installed a ‘chair rail’ to cover where the boards meet and ‘ceiling molding’ to cover the rough cut edges. I know some people want everything to stay original to the 1975 GMC Motorhome but I have to say I like how so many of us are making the interiors our own. I love the hint of beach cabana for our interior, it makes me smile.

The Virtual Walk is going well. This week I hit the 65% mark. I got another postcard, virtually, when I walked near Birdoswald, which is the first site where the Hadrian’s Wall was built entirely out of turf. Sitting on 2.1 hectares (one hectare is nearly 2 1/2 acres) and one of the largest forts on the Wall, it had continued occupation well into the 17th century. They found unearthed foundations of a bastle house and traces of a tower house. I had to look up what a bastle house is. They are fortified farmhouses, characterized by security measures against raids. Their name is said to derive from the French word “bastille“. And now we all know! #gmcmotorhome #eleganza2 #livesmalldreambig #preretirement #livefortodayplanfortomorrow #diyinterior #tinyhouseliving

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