Well, here is my punishment for not writing in a while – the format for WordPress has changed. Yes, of course I’d read all the messages they’d sent but I was in denial and now I’m looking for the ‘go back to the way it was’ button! It’s 20 minutes later because I needed a minute to decide whether am I done with this now because I don’t want to have to figure this out or should I pull up my big girl pants and get on with it.

I went with the big girl pants.

This past year, for us, had a number of beautiful moments. Our creative juices were flowing as we assisted in the planning and execution of a beautiful outdoor wedding for our son and daughter-in-law. Pinterest definitely played a part in the hunting of ‘original’ ideas as we combined an ancestral Viking hand tying ceremony with a whimsical ethereal vibe. The day of the wedding was during the week we had the World’s Worst Air Quality, we could only laugh and be comforted by the facts the few guests in attendance were already going to be wearing masks and the orange hue would make for lovely photos!

We had a few staycations this past year. We spent a week camping, unplugged and relying on our solar system with an occasional running of the generator just to be sure we had enough juice to keep the fridge going. I’d post photos but I didn’t know when I got my new phone that there were photo formatting options, one of which I am unable to copy from unless I reformat them all. Take my word for it, it was a beautiful sight with hiking trails, views of the ferry’s sailing by and eagles in the trees Luckily by the time we meandered out again I had watched a few tutorials on how my phone works. We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and had a giggle when the mounted police came along, stopping for a moment to chat and thanking us for choosing to vacation here – little did they know we were blocks from home! (Note how close to the curb he can park with the newly installed cameras. I may have said something like ‘holy moses watch out’.)

This is feeling pretty good. I’ve missed writing. I’m glad I pushed that initial fear and dread away and trudged through.

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