As 2020 continues to drag by, and at the same time the days run together in a rush, I find our planning for the future has changed a bit.  It’s not an obvious change but it’s surely there, an undercurrent of uncertainty and a feeling of almost giving up on planning too far down the road.   And while the goal of the two of us taking off at retirement and spending time together with a sense of freedom and thrill of discovery is still there and deep, the feeling of a back up plan seems more important then it did before.  The back up plan isn’t set in stone, but what is anymore? In our 36 years together we’ve faced challenges like everyone else and we will continue to move forward and live for today and for tomorrow.

We have been making small modifications on the GMC Motorhome (compared to the year of modifications we made initially).  When we were on our first real ‘camping’ trip this summer we made a small list of changes we wanted to make.  One of the first things was removing the original propane tank and replacing it with two 5 gallon removable tanks.  This gives us a smidge of ‘basement’ storage and will give us more flexibility when refilling the tanks.

We recently stumbled upon a great written history of our motorhome’s life with her previous owner.  We loved  learning more about why there is a new transmission!  I am attaching a link if you want to read it…


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