The ‘tween years and self motivation

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I think most of us want to hit the restart button when a new year begins and perhaps for 2021 the urge is stronger then ever. A few years ago I set a goal to complete three 5k’s and while that was not a physical feat that will go in the record books, it was a big deal for me. The Hot Chocolate Run, Color Run and a local run that benefited our local high school were manageable (though ‘run’ may be a bit generous of my speed) and setting the goal and telling people about it motivated me to get them done.

Crafty memory – 100 hearts, painted and attached to kabob sticks to mark the path to backyard wedding

At this stage in my life I feel like I am a ‘tween – between working (at a job that doesn’t seem to exist fulltime anymore) and retirement. After decades of being a childcare provider I found a treasure of a job with a local school district and was sure I had a great plan for the next few years until we retire. And then… well, you know…. like so many others March of 2019 put a twist (understatement!) in those plans. For most of the year I was busy working with the kids to plan their wedding but since then I’ve been looking for something to keep my brain and hands busy. My eyes aren’t as strong as they used to be so getting back to needlepoint or other small in size craft projects are out. Restarting the blog has gotten my brain back in creative mode, which is a life saver for me.

Now that I’ve found something to keep my brain ticking, next I needed a plan to get out of the house! YouTube has become the closest thing to travel these last few months, following sites like ActionKid and A French Frye in Paris have kept me exploring and hopeful we will be out and about again. As the year came to an end I was feeling more desperate to find something to do and stumbled upon virtual walking challenges…. see, it’s all coming together…. the thought process in these paragraphs are slowly linking! This week I started ‘walking’ Hadrian’s Wall – gotta say that wasn’t on my radar. I will write more detail about the program itself next week but for me this concept is amazing. It gives me a goal that I know I can accomplish, it gets me outside and I am learning about the history of the wall. The wall is approximately 90 miles long so this isn’t a goal I will meet quickly but reasonable enough that I won’t get overwhelmed and want to quit. I’m feeling motivated for the first time a while and that makes me happy.

Life is full of possibilities if we look for them.

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