We celebrated our 36th Wedding Anniversary this week.  Was it what we had planned?  No.  We should have been on a Coastal Wine Tour cruise but with all the hullaballoo our cruise was cancelled – and for that we feel fortunate as we will eventually get our money back and did not risk being at sea for weeks on end.  When the cruise was cancelled we booked a week at a State Park…. yep, they closed the parks.  With work lay offs and other things to consider, we went with the flow of the current situation and bbq-ed in the backyard then spent the night in our Beach Cabana – our 1975 GMC Eleganza 2.

We lit the (flameless) candles and settled in for a lovely evening.


We watched a little tv.

The moonlight was shining down on us.  Sometimes life happens, and you just have to buckle up and go along for the ride!


#gmcmotorhome #weddinganniversary #gowiththeflow #lifehappens #livefortoday #livelikeyouaredying #lemonadeoutoflemons #lovehim #behappy #celebratelittlethings

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