Alki beach on a sunny day

I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down to write in the last month or more and just walked away.  To say it’s an odd time seems to downplay the grief and fear a lot of people are feeling and yet not to mention it at all seems false.  As we are all getting closer to being able to step out and explore whatever the new normal will be, I’m looking forward to getting back on board and planning our todays and tomorrows.

We were blessed with this time off (as we were both laid off) in that we were able to volunteer at our son and future daughter in law’s business and get behind the scenes, dig in with our gloved, of course, hands and learn a bit about the process of prepping for a day in the life of an artisanal kitchen.  I throw that word, artisanal, around but wasn’t sure exactly what it meant.  So I googled and basically it is something made in a traditional way by someone who is skilled with their hands.  I’ve enjoyed hand slicing potatoes, making individual ground beef patties, preparing slaw’s, slicing tomatoes, etc….  I was proud of them before and it’s only grown since I’ve watched them work hard to keep their employees and stay open when so many neighboring businesses locked up within days  I’ve watched them adapt to new rules and yet greet every customer with smiling eyes over a mask and preparing each order with as much care and passion from the moment they open to the last order of the day.  I cherish my food handlers permit and learned, again, you are never too old to learn something new and, on the other side of the coin, I’m thankful for the  hot tub to relax those weary muscles after a full day of volunteering! Helping family survive by giving our time has been gratifying, though I’m hoping to get back to a cubicle soon.

Spring has sprung and summer is on it’s way – which means it’s raining in Seattle but the forecast is calling for highs in the 70’s this week.  I’m ready to get a few tomato plants and already planted some green beans.  I’ve been out with my scissors and using fresh herbs almost daily.  We planned this summer to be full of weekends away in our GMC Motorhome, instead we are making sure to ‘work the gaskets’ and make little changes.  We moved the fullmotion mount for the tv in the bedroom area from under the cabinet to the actual cabinet door, which makes watching it much easier.  We put in new smoke detectors and added a tire pressure monitoring system.  We may not always be the captains of our journey but we can control how we paddle through the changing tides.

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