A letter to our Grandson

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I wonder what the new today will be when this all blows over.  A friend and I are hoping that some new habits stay, like stores sanitizing the conveyer belt between each customer, that grocery store fresh baked bread,  bagels and donuts are individually wrapped.  I want small businesses to continue to get support and prosper when this is over and we thank them for battling through the chaos and being there for us.

Our local neighborhood museum ( https://www.loghousemuseum.org/blog/help-capture-history-documenting-covid-19/ ) is looking to capture history of how this moment in time is affecting us.   Even now…I’m staring at the screen wondering what do I think??  I think I will write a letter to our grandson.

The boy is flying!

Dear D,

Hey buddy, how are you doing?  Have you beat Battlefield V in your time off from school?? Are you writing YouTube videos?

My job at the school district is over for now, but I’m hoping it will be back when everyone is able to go back to school. I really like the job, it was fun to have my own little cubicle and learn new things.  I guess I should be using this time to get better at Excel, but instead today I mopped the walls, when Grandpa came upstairs he asked what I was doing.  I said, I ‘mopped the walls’, he laughed and said ‘ you said  mopped the walls’, I said, ‘yes, the walls!’  He thought I meant floors and I am pretty sure he thinks I’m crazy!  Don’t tell, but it has needed to be done for an embarrassingly  looooonnnnnngggg time!

Grandpa’s work closed when the governor ordered the ‘shelter in place’  He had been getting projects ready to work on for when he’d get time off so now is spending a lot of time in his workshop.  We have been going to Uncle’s work and getting some projects done too.

I think I told you the cruise we booked for our 36th anniversary was cancelled.  We booked a week to go camping at Deception Pass but… the state parks closed so that is cancelled now too.  I’m determined to do a driveway surfing camp out – in our driveway! I figure we can pull the bbq out to the front yard and pretend we are grilling over a campfire and with the composting toilet and solar panels we can have a true ‘boondocking’ experience.

We hope you are getting plenty of fresh air and learning new things!  We were watching one of Xiaomanyc videos on YouTube where he taught himself Spanish in a week, it was inspiring and I was all gung-ho about it for about 15 minutes then thought….ehhhhh…. I can’t do it! hahaha

We love you and can’t wait to see you again and give you a close up huge hug and big smooch!

Grandma and Grandpa


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