Wow – things are changing fast.

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It’s difficult not to rail against the political environment that causes such mistrust, or simple skepticism, about the state of health in Seattle and around the world at this point.

That time we ate scorpions

How is COVID 19 affecting us?  Watching our neighbors, literal and in general, purchase mass amounts of toilet paper and bottled water and all surface cleaners and causing panic.  We are not buying mass amounts of anything – I always make extra purchases when our favorite toilet paper goes on sale!  When I opened the trunk of the car to put the 12 roll pack of MD away I wanted to shout, if anyone was watching, “I’m not hoarding, it was on sale!”.  I guess I’m glad we already have our Berkey counter top water filtration system though I’m not 100% sure why everyone is buying multiple cases of water?  Isn’t it bad for the environment to have all that plastic, besides the bottles have been handled by who knows how many people?

Seattle almost feels like the ghost town of Calico!

We worry about our local small businesses and we are grateful for our neighbors who continue to shop locally.  We do not have school age children so do not have to worry about childcare.  We do NOT have jobs we can telecommute – if we did, we’d be fulltime RVers already – so we keep our work areas as clean as we can and hope others are doing their part. A few months ago I mentioned my husbands doctor stating that he is in the top 5-10 percent of uncooperative blood glucose levels that the doctor has worked with, so without being paranoid we are cautious of washing our hands more then normal.  He laughed at me today when I said I (again) bleached all the counter tops, sink handles, door handles, toilet handle…. saying, no one is here but us!  Yeah, I know but it made me feel better.  I did buy new toothbrushes, they were on sale, and I threw chicken quarters in the slow cooker/ instant pot to make chicken soup.  Cuz… ya know…. ya gotta do somethin’.

I want to click me heels together and say ‘There’s no place like the beach, there’s no place like the beach….’

With all these sport events being cancelled I thought, well, that Dave Portnoy sold that chunk of his sports gambling company just in time!

Wash your hands, be smart, don’t panic.  Read books, turn off the news, go for a walk outside, check on your neighbors to see if they need help, order to go, don’t forget your small business people.  Buy low so you can sell high!

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