It was about three years ago when we began to seriously ponder what our retirement plans would look like.  Sometimes the days go slow, but the years fly by! I’ve written about it before but I like to remind myself how we decided on becoming fulltime RV-ers.  I was following @queenbeecoupons in my quest to become my own version of an extreme couponing mavin.  She and her family took a year off to travel the United States in an airstream and I followed their adventures, Take That Exit. I need to STOP myself for a moment. I looked up to verify the timeline – it’s been FIVE years not three. Sometimes the days go slow, but the years fly by!


Anyhoo…… I followed along quietly for a fullyear to take it all in.  After that year we quickly found a community of ‘normal’ people who were living fulltime in different types of recreational vehicles.  It didn’t take long to decide this was the life we wanted to live and begin to make plans on how we would make it happen.


We were thankful to have the experience of others to learn from, especially when it came to what size RV would most fit the lifestyle we wanted to have.  It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears …. this one is too big, this one is too small and this one is just right!  We are happy with our choice of the 26 feet long 1975 GMC Eleganza 2.

spare tire cover

Today we are at 1300 days of our countdown.  I’m enjoying the journey to our journey!


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