Well I did it!  This is day 21 of the 21 days challenge from @embracingdetours.  My goal was to reignite the fire of enthusiasm for where I am now.  I have to say, it worked.  Having to come up with a topic to write about each day for the last 21 sometimes felt like I was walking in circles, uphill,  until I reminded myself to write for me and not worry if someone else would be interested, that would be an extra bonus.

I’m looking forward again, feeling excited for today and for what this year and the decade will bring.  Spending time out of the driveway with our RV (!), working at my new job and continuing to challenge myself and looking forward to planning and attending the wedding this year.  Life is good.


#thanksforthepush @embracingdetours #makingplans #newyear #newdecade #fightthroughit #lookforward #rvlife #preretirement #dance #drivewaysurfing #camping #gmcmotorhome



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