If there is an advantage to the residents of your city being cautious about going out, it is that the roads are clear and there is plenty of available parking!  To do our small part to support small business we went to Bedrock Industries to get some mosaic glass for the garden stones we (I) want to make.  I asked the bride-to-be what color’s she liked best from the website and then I added extra!  It was fun picking out the mosaics and looking at the other items, like yard art, they have for sale.

After picking out what we wanted, we took Olaf for a short walk around the parking lot and saw this great food truck.  This 1959 custom Cadillac is a real eye catcher.  This area, Salmon Bay, is tucked between The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (we locals just say, ‘The Locks’) and the Fremont Bridge and an arms throw from Seattle Pacific University.

While not a ‘small business’, there are employees who need to have customers so their hours don’t get reduced and  I am a sucker for Princi Bakery at the Starbucks Roaster on First Avenue.  We stopped and picked up a few olive bread sticks for an evening snack then it was off to The Swinery for lunch before coming home.  If you are in Seattle, please support our small mom and pop businesses and restaurants.  It doesn’t take long for a small business to be impacted by a drop in customers.


Now it’s time to get crafty!

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