Key West

I like the convenience of the cellphone. I have been on hold for over 50 minutes (which I expected), so the phone is plugged in and on speaker while I wash last nights dishes, clean the sink and counter top, sweep the floor and then make my cup of coffee and write the blog post. So much nicer then having ten feet of phone cord tying you to the wall!


So Princess Cruise has offered, with no penalty, to allow us to cancel our cruise and apply the fare towards a future cruise.  If we decide to go ahead with the cruise we would get $200 onboard credit for each of us.  Here is the quandary….. I’m not afraid of the ‘flu’ but we are from Seattle which I’ve heard is being called the ‘epicenter’ of COVID-19 so even if we showed up healthy and happy we could be turned away because we are from an area where we could have been exposed.  AND….. if there was an outbreak on board, or from someone who was on the ship 14 days ago but had no symptoms but now is ill….  we can’t miss work for 14 days post cruise while we are quarantined.  And this is why I’m on hold with the travel insurance company to see what the next steps are.  Of course I could probably find out online but I want it old school, I want to talk to a person.


In the scheme of things, this is just a bump in the road.  It’s not an emergency or even a real inconvenience just  something that has to be dealt with.  Flexibility in life is key, playing the victim isn’t helpful.  But I will say when the Vice President decides to come west of the Mississippi ya gotta figure THEY think it’s an issue, even if it’s just to get Blue State votes in November.   And I guess this goes with the theme of @embracingdetours  !


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